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Well thought out, comprehensive, and effective products.
Nathan Winters
Nathan Winters Microsoft MVP & Windows IT Pro Reviewer
I really like Exclaimer: they do well-written, stable software.
Robert Pearman
Robert Pearman Microsoft MVP, Windows Server for SMB
Provides IT pros with a powerful assortment of tools.
Jason Bovberg
Jason Bovberg Senior Editor, Windows IT Pro
Will make your signatures look amazing from the get go.
Loryan Strant
Loryan Strant Microsoft Office 365 MVP
Exclaimer makes it work in the cloud.
J.Peter Bruzzese
J.Peter Bruzzese Microsoft Office 365 MVP
Does exactly what Exchange admins, and users, have been requesting for a long time.
Steve Goodman
Steve Goodman Microsoft Exchange MVP
Exclaimer helps organizations create, manage and control email signatures in an easy and user-friendly way.
Nuno Mota
Nuno Mota Microsoft Exchange & Office 365 MVP
I recommend Exclaimer Signature Software to everyone. This is what Exchange is missing – sometimes the seemingly simple things prove to be truly impressive.
Ratish Nair
Ratish Nair Microsoft Exchange MVP
I would definitely recommend Exclaimer for anyone based on my personal experience.
Sathish Veerapandian
Sathish Veerapandian Microsoft MVP - Office Servers and Services
Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365 raises the bar when it comes to managing email signatures.
Anderson Patricio
Anderson Patricio Office Servers and Services MVP
Dubai Tourism Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) required legal disclaimers for all employee email signatures so turned to Signature Manager Exchange Edition. IAS The International AIDS Society needed to make signatures consistent across the entire organization. Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 was chosen to accomplish this task. St. Josephs Health System St. Joseph Health System in Texas implements Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition to centrally add relevant campaign banners to their corporate emails. ACME Email Alias Manager for Exchange was deployed by The Acme Facilities Group to allow all managers to send from multiple email addresses. UNICEF Find out how UNICEF Nederland used Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 to manage all Office 365 signatures and protect its corporate identity. Detroit Zoo The Detroit Zoo was using Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition within a hybrid environment before it fully made the move to Office 365. This meant also moving over to Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 for its Office 365 signatures. Harres Metall Design HARRES Metall-design GmbH wanted to continue using dedicated software to control and deploy email signatures, so it decided to upgrade to Signature Manager Exchange Edition. WesleyLife WesleyLife in Iowa solves the problem of having inconsistencies in employees’ email signatures by deploying Signature Manager Exchange Edition and Outlook Photos. The Movember Foundation Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 was chosen by the Movember Foundation to centrally manage its Office 365 signatures so it could move away from Transport Rules. Everton Football Club Everton F.C chose Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 to manage all Office 365 signatures throughout the club.

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