Sexually Explicit Image Filtering For Exchange

Our filter technology is specifically designed to rapidly scan images for attributes that indicate the image may be of a sexually explicit nature. The whole process takes milliseconds and adds no load on your servers.

Filter pornographic and offensive images with Exclaimer Image Analyzer

Every image attached to any email passing through your Exchange Server is scanned for sexually explicit content and a risk is assigned to each image.

If any of the attachments exceeds your pre-set risk threshold then the email (and all attachments) is stored for human inspection and a number of further optional actions are taken such as blocking the email or forwarding it to a supervisor, or both.

Our filter technology is specifically designed to rapidly scan images for attributes that indicate the image may be of a sexually explicit nature while minimising any possibility of false positives.

Our high performing and scalable email database ensures that any emails exceeding your risk threshold are stored efficiently for the future.

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With Flexibility & Control

Policy rules let you combine conditions and exceptions based upon Active Directory attributes such as Group or OU membership to build very flexible sender and recipient lists. We have customers that even create dedicated AD groups so they can monitor specific individuals such as new staff and previous offenders more closely.

You create policies that define which emails you want to check, the level of risk you’re prepared to accept and the action required when the risk is exceeded. For example, you might want to apply more sensitive filtering to emails from customer contact staff and block suspect emails whereas your policy for Operations staff might be to use less sensitive filtering and disclaim only.

You can vary actions too. You might want to allow a suspect email through but blind copy it to compliance, supervisory or administrative staff. You might want delivery to the intended recipient blocked or you might allow it through but opt to warn sender and recipient of the potential violation by adding a disclaimer to the email body.

You can choose a sensitivity appropriate to your risk profileImage Analyzer stores every email that exceeds your risk thresholdCreate conditions and exceptions using the sender or recipient’s Active Directory attributes
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And Peace of Mind

There's no limit to the number of policies you can build so you can combine rules and follow up actions in any way that makes sense for your organization. But whatever you do, any email exceeding the applicable policy risk threshold is stored in our long term database and can be retrieved, viewed and forwarded at any time in the future.

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